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Apple's iOS 9 (Monarch) : Improvements Over The Previous Version

The release of iOS 9 (Monarch) version has been announced by Apple on 8th June 2015 in a conference at San Francisco.

The latest version includes significant improvements over the previous version with intelligent spotlight, improved SIRI, Notes app, news app, Google Maps, Wallet app etc. it can also be best utilized along with iPhone, iPad, and iPod for robust functionality and improved performance highlights.


The official version released on September 16, 2015 after the launch of iPhone 6s event. After release, iOS 9 available to download for supported devices like iPhone, iPad, and iPod etc. Google’s iOS app development team have been put maximum efforts and dedication to make this version even better and more efficient.

iOS 9 supports the same hardware as of iOS 8, so if you are currently using iOS 8 version on to your device then you are ready to go with iOS 9 as well. You don’t need plenty of space to run iOS 9 operating system on to your mobile phone. iOS 9 does not have dramatic changes in design but it shows significant improvement in case of iOS app development and features.


The main highlights of the version are “SIRI“ suggestions and screen shots functionality. Now Apply Pay feature can be accessed more quickly than it was done in previous version. Even your phone can be operated best in low power mode and “Selfie” clicks will be more clear and attractive with iOS 9 update.

You could enjoy much more features with iOS 9 version. You would be able to get better experience when it will be used along with iPhone 6s. To get more updates on latest iOS version and to hire iOS app development team.

Compare Features of iOS 9 and iOS 8 Versions

More Artificial Intelligent

Compare of current version working more intelligent with prospective suggestions. iOS 9 more interesting about integellent tool support for management and lifestyle apps.

User Friendly Search

iOS 9 apple wants to search additional information and working on user mind predict and understanding of words, content, proactive suggestion or help.

Batter Synchronize

You creating your email id in current version (iOS 9) suggestion your friend list, mutual list, dedicated subject lines, sharing event in past and many more with easy synchronize.

3D Map System

Apple latest version iOS 9 comes with 3D mapping system with exact location category food, restaurant, Hotel and college. Easy integrate to rapid find your near business location. In previous version some missing feature but in iOS 9 cover all features with powerful mapping system. One of the main features is travel, bus and other option to display exact near location, time and clear map view.

Multi Operations

In iOS 9 version support multitasking operation on iPad device. In iPad device one slide to see picture another screen to watch on map location at a time.  It means display screen divided into slip two swipe screen.

Long Battery Life

New version more improving general performance and advance power saver mode option to save long battery life.  In compare of previous segment 3 hours more battery life workings.

If you think to install iOS 9, you will need 3.8 GB empty space required to install.



How Bootstrap Framework Makes Asp.net Development Practice Perfect?

There are multiple RWD frameworks that help developers in solving issues of creating one UI code base and offering to any screen size. Bootstrap is one of the popular responsive web design frameworks; however, selecting a framework on the basis of its popularity is useless. Asp.net development team should know about the right tools to complete their job.

More frameworks for the same purpose are available - Foundation and Telerik RadPageLayout that can also be used by asp.net developers. These frameworks have become more advanced as experts have worked hard on their strengths and weaknesses. In this post, we will explain Bootstrap features that help in making best development practices.


Asp.Net Development

Bootstrap is indeed popular and widely accepted RWD framework on the web. May be the twitter name is responsible for the prominence of Bootstrap as it was initially released as “Twitter Bootstrap”. After the version 3.0, Twitter name was not used with Bootstrap, but the features of the framework helps in retaining the position as dominant RWD framework in the industry.

Developers can avail best in class Bootstrap features, like solid responsive grid, CSS helper classes, mobile first design, and more. There is a standard 12 column grid with simple syntax available by default to create layouts that support multiple screen sizes. Moreover, the grid also supports nested rows and other advanced features, such as pull and push classes.

What you need for using Bootstrap?

To design RWD solution for a company, there are certain strict requirements for supporting earlier versions of IE browsers. Bootstrap framework does support IE 10 and above versions; however, some minor features are incompatible with IE 9.

Why Bootstrap worth your time?

The market share of Bootstrap has helped the framework to gain maximum users in the market. Developers like the framework for completing their new asp.net MVC development projects.

Documentation is another significant factor that makes Bootstrap an ideal choice. In case your .net development team is using Bootstrap for the first time, finding example code, blogs and forum help is available.

Developers who would like to work with advanced features, Bootstrap framework that has preprocessor support for both Sass and LESS. They can write the process code using LESS as it is significant to consider if asp.net development team is having a plan to work with the source or to contribute to the project. The splendid features of Bootstrap help developers in making best practices for developing layouts and enterprise projects.