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The time for exceptional expansion of Apple may over

The mobile market in last few years has been driven by technology, innovative gadgets, and applications. But unfortunately apple market is expected to grow negatively in near future. People have started losing interest in Iphones due to same designs and repeated features. In this situation, it would not be saying wrong that exceptional expansion for apple may be over in coming years.

According to expert team, profits may remain 9 percent only for next two years in 2016 and 2017. In the last few years, people have started looking over multiple factors like low taxes, low interests rates, technology advancements in IOS app development , and latest manufacturing techniques. These catalysts have triggered overall growth of mobile market and smart phones.



During the year 2009, alone information technology sector was responsible for 48 percent of overall marginal expansion. The contribution of Apple and IOS app development was 18 percent in overall marginal expansion. After 209, competition has become really tough and new players have been added to the tech list – Adobe, Paypal, Netflix, tripadvisor, etc.

By 2017, online marketplace are expected the major players. At the same time, Apple market will fall down up to 9 percent and its overall contribution in marginal expansion would not be that much attractive as it is considered by Apple Tech associates earlier. The main reason for this downfall is unsatisfactory performance of Apple products and repeated functions in Iphone.


Apple expert team has promised that for coming years too they will try to maintain same marginal expansion as Apple has done in past five years. Apple market was up by 7 percent in the last year. Further, investors are losing interest in maintain stock when compared to other start performers of the year.

Company will soon face this problem as it has crossed all the limits of profits so there is some saturation point  that will affect overall marginal expansion for next few years to come.