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How liberalization of Indian economy proved to be a boon for Senior Java Developers

Today with the advent of internet ,world has become a global village, distance and time do not seem to be barriers unlike in older times when people were willing to wait for years to get anything revolutionized. Now days’ time is money. If you can value time you would be able to make more and more money.

This holds true for both services as well as product. Macroeconomics laws of comparative advantage and competitive advantage plays a very important role in deciding where and how to procure resources. After the liberalization of the Indian economy, India opened its doors to the rest of the world. In simple terms, after 1991 the external ministry of India, set free the resources and entities to work across the borders. This proved to be a boon for resources such as Senior Java Developers.


Before liberalization of the Indian economy ,the local resources where only given an opportunity to work for the Indian companies and Indian companies where withheld to provide services to only local or domestic vendors, however after 1991 the borders are open for both the software professionals as well as the vendors. Because of this according to the law of competitive advantage and comparative advantage, service providers have been able to cater to whole of the world hence, leading to an increment in their revenue and the software engineers are getting, more and more opportunities abroad. That simply means that a business would like to hire resources which are cheaply available when compared to other resources. Thus both the service provider as well as the vendor is benefited in the long run

The above greatly holds true to Senior Java Developer. India has been a nation of software engineers and due to young and talented resources India is now known to be having a pool of Senior software developers, however not all of them are able to get involved in domestic projects therefore, many foreign companies are willing to employ them as they prove to be competitive as compared to the resources available in the west.

There are many service providers and manufacturing units in UK and USA where there is a great need of senior Java developers for their software development projects and they are not able to find any useful resources in their country, therefore they look for young and talented resources from India. Since their currency commands a higher value therefore they find themselves in a better position when they hire senior Java developers from India and provide them a higher rate that they are offered locally. Therefore both the nations get benefited. As regards senior software developers in India do not sit unemployed and get lucrative job offer and entities in US and UK get resources to work for their project at a cheaper rate.